Raising Quality Dogs for Over 20 Years

Here at Galena Goldendoodles we have been raising quality dogs for over 20 years (formerly Rosemeadow Retrievers). We began breeding with English Labrador Retrievers and also ran a family boarding business.

In 2009 we aquired Riley. Our hearts have been captured by Doodles; they are very intelligent yet gentle and affectionate. Doodles are easy to have around and are quickly trained. A big plus is that they are little-to-none shedders and non-allergenic.

Through the years, our dogs have been used for confirmation, agility, obedience, therapy, and of course pets. We strive for excellent temperments and healthy dogs. We are breeding mainly F1B, F2B & F3B Doodles to minimize shedding and be as non-allergenic as possible. These puppies are raised and loved in our home, well-socialized and accustomed to everyday activites.

These are great litters for people who need a non-shedding, non-allergenic dog. The dogs love to retrieve and play, and enjoy relaxing and cuddling when inside.

Call 630-816-2043 or email Galena Goldendoodles at now to ask questions or schedule an appointment.